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Retailer Spotlight - National Liberty Museum

Retailer Spotlight - National Liberty Museum

National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Describe your gallery.
We carry functional and fine art glass artwork as well as crafted goods and souvenirs.

Year Founded:
The National Liberty Museum was founded in 2000.

Square Feet of Retail Space:
Our gift shop is about 50sq feet and our GlassAccess gallery exists online.

Why did you decide to open a gallery?
The museum opened the gift shop.

How many artists do you represent?
Our gift shop hosts work from around 20 artists and our GlassAccess Gallery supports over 75 local and international artists.

How do you promote your artists/gallery?
We use sidewalk signs and social media to advertise our gift shop. We also use email marketing to contact and inform our members, subscribers, collectors and artists.

What percentage of merchandise is made in the U.S.? Canada? Imported?
About 60% of the artwork we sell is made by local artists or in the united states. We have many international artists as well.

What trade shows do you attend?

We attend local and national craft fairs including the Philadelphia ACRE Show, Baltimore Craft Show, and other Fine Art Fairs.

What attracts you to new merchandise?
We are attracted to items that are well crafted as well as relevant to current art and décor trends. We purchase souvenir merchandise that is unique from the other museums and shops in the area.

Do you consign?
Yes, we have a large network of artists that we have worked with for years and are always networking with new artists.

Do you sell online?
We have an online gallery, which showcases our fine artwork and we sell lower price pointed art and merchandise directly through our facebook page.

What is your shopping routine on IndieMe?
We are new to IndieMe and look forward to using it.

Who generates the biggest sales for you? Tourists? Locals? Repeat Customers? Collectors?
Our gift shop sales come from a mixture of tourists purchasing souvenirs and regular visitors like students and locals who enjoy our tours and great products. Our fine glass art sales are private transactions assisted by our online gallery and connections with collectors.

What retail price point sells best?
Our best selling gift shop price point is $5-$50 and a popular price point for fine glass art is between $5,000 and $10,000.

How is business? Any thoughts for the future of craft galleries?
Gift shop sales are up and down with the traffic in the museum but have exceeded our goals for the past quarter. Fine art sales often coincide with museum events and exhibitions.

What advice do you have for new craft galleries?
Seasonal items definitely do well for us, capitalizing on this is usually pretty successful. Social media has been a successful tool for marketing. We also have a 50% commission agreement which keeps prices down and keeps our consignors bringing us great product.

What advice do you have for new craft artists?
Social media presence is crucial in making a brand of yourself and your work, and is the fastest way people will find you. Researching décor and merchandising trends help guide work and pricing toward the appropriate market rate.

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