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General Questions

A list of our most frequently asked questions regarding our rebranding. Still need help? Contact us at service@IndieMe.com or call us at 888-427-2381.

We felt our company name Wholesalecrafts.com™ was too long and using ".com" in the name made us sound dated. Also, as we now have one high quality standard for print, online and at our ACRE shows, we felt wholesalecrafts.com™’s past reputation of inconsistent quality would possibly limit our new mission. You can still shop at Wholesalecrafts.com™ with the same reliable service until we cutover our new marketplace (scheduled Summer 2017).

We were looking for a name that reflects our new look. The word "Independent" kept coming up in conversations and we were inspired by the word "Indie" and it's definition - handmade products by independent artisans independent of commercial fine arts establishments. We were looking for something short, sweet, fun and fresh and we realized how perfect the word Indie was. The word Indie describes who we are and who we serve.

Our market served includes artist designed products sold wholesale and made in the USA and Canada. We have taken this rebranding opportunity to improve our graphics, our marketing and our jury process. The jury process now includes high quality standards which remain consistent across all marketing platforms; in print, online and at our ACRE shows. This new standard of quality will help us attract more buyers and more artists which ultimately will help your businesses succeed and grow.

Our cutover is scheduled to arrive Summer 2017. Today you can still do business as usual in our current Wholesalecrafts.com™ Inc., marketplace. We will add a new FAQ list over the next couple of months which will educate you on the features and the how to's for this new marketplace. We will include a very comprehensive knowledge base on a modern platform where you will find short video's, podcasts and webinars. Be sure to check out the new features you will find on the IndieMe™ marketplace here.

Buyer Member Questions

No you do not need to re-register, you can continue to do business as you have in the past. Our Wholesalecrafts.com™ marketplace remains open for business. When we cutover (scheduled Summer 2017) your membership will automatically transfer over seamlessly to IndieMe™. Upon cutover your password may change, however we will continue to keep you updated and we ask that you stay tuned for updates. Ready to go shopping? Click on the member login at the top of this page and enter your login and your password. Need your login information? Email us at service@indieme.com.

Artist Member Questions

Your printed material with the name Wholesalecrafts.com™ is still valid because our Wholesalecrafts.com™ marketplace is still active. With our new IndieMe™ marketplace scheduled for cutover Summer 2017, we suggest that you plan for your print needs for the next couple of months only. As you begin to prepare for the new marketplace keep in mind your upcoming print needs. Over the next few months we will offer prepared templates for your use along with brand standards which will include recommendations on how to use our new logo and the IndieMe™ name.

Our Wholesalecrafts.com™ visitor link will continue to work now and for quite some time after cutover. At our cutover passwords may have to be updated, if this becomes necessary we will inform you. We suggest that you do not print any additional marketing material that would include the visitor link at this time.

Our current Wholesalecrafts.com™ Inc., marketplace is still active which means all of your current links on your blogs, websites and social media will remain active and usable. When we cutover to our new IndieMe™ marketplace we will continue to have redirects in place for quite some time. When we do cutover your artist number will remain the same and we will provide additional information at that time. Stay tuned for updates!


We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. Still need help?
Email us at service@indieme.com or call 888-427-2381.

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