UPDATE - New IndieMe website Login NOW

UPDATE - New IndieMe website Login NOW

Hello Artists,

We have successfully copied over your store onto our NEW IndieMe Marketplace. Shortly you will login and will see how fabulous your store looks on the new Marketplace! When you login to you will be prompted to create a new password. Enter your Artist ID# and Wholesale as the password (with a capital W). In the popup enter your Artist ID# once again, the recaptcha and hit submit. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. New passwords will require 7 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. This password will be different than the one you currently use to login to

Get to know the new Marketplace:
Upon logging in, take a look around and begin to get to know the new IndieMe Marketplace. Your artist home page is your landing page to access a multitude of features. Review your store and all your products. At this time you can begin to edit or add new products. Any change made on the new site will not be reflected on the old Marketplace at Remember the buyers are still active on the Marketplace so check in there every few days to view any order(s) you may have received. Look for the link to login to on your artist home page.

Once you are done reviewing and editing your store on the new Marketplace navigate to your home page and select the Store Verified button. This will notify us you are ready to go live. In two weeks we will migrate over all of our buyers and we will consider our IndieMe Marketplace officially live!

Your balance due IndieMe:
If you had a balance due prior to migrating over this will appear as an invoice for the total amount and labeled COB – This invoice will not include a breakdown of what you owe but a total balance. If you wish to view the breakdown of open invoices you can view them by logging into the Marketplace. You will see this invoice in a few days, once you do please select the invoice and make the necessary payment.

What did not copy over for artists:
•All orders placed on the Marketplace
•Your artist bio picture
•All tradeshows you have listed on the Marketplace
•Artist Spotlight - if you had previously filled out this form you will need to do it again on the new Marketplace

Be sure to review and edit as necessary:
•Upload an image of yourself and your studio - you can now upload up to 3 images
•Shipping & Handling Terms - you are now limited to 800 characters, if more is needed create a custom heading and enter more detailed terms
•Setup your shipping options. You have been migrated over with shipping set to "TBD" - to be determined - you can leave this as is or adjust as necessary
•Setup your payment options - if you use Square or Authorize enter your credentials here to process credit cards directly on the new Marketplace; if you use PayPal, you can enter your login information as well

On each page of our new Marketplace you will find a support button on the bottom right side. Type in a question or key word and any supporting documentation will popup. Visit our Knowledge Base by navigating to About in the top navigation bar and selecting Help Desk to access many useful articles to help you learn how to navigate the new IndieMe Marketplace.

If you need to contact us please be sure to put together a list of all your questions so we can better assist. Please be patient with contacting us, this is a busy time for all of us.

Once again we thank you for being a member of IndieMe and let’s all work together to show the wholesale world how fabulous we all are! I will continue to keep you updated on this entire process as we move forward. Thank you for being a member of IndieMe!

At Your Service,

Jackie Adamany
Vice President of IndieMe
1.888.4.CRAFT.1 ext. 105

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