Software Updates

Software Updates

We value our members feedback and opinions. Since migrating over to our new IndieMe Marketplace we have gathered all member feedback and have developed and enhanced the site based off of that feedback. Keep your comments and suggestions coming our way. Send all feedback to

Over the past several weeks we have:

  • Updated our A-Z search funtionality
  • Updated and enhanced email notification of orders placed
  • Added a Remember Me option to our login page
  • Updated the way an artist can clone a product
  • Added in Buyer Hits, Unique Buyer Hits and Visitor Hits for artists
  • and so much more...

To view all updates visit our Software Updates page, where you can see what has been recently updated and enhanced and take a peek into what is currently in development.

The IndieMe Team

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Anne Nye

i would also like to be able to print out a photo of single items. In the old version I could go to the item and slide it off to my desk top and print. Helpful when making items for orders without searching through my files. I understand you think youre protecting us by having a version like you currently have but it really is not helpful to the buyer or the artist.

3 years ago

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