Artists make your store uniquely you!

Artists make your store uniquely you!

Artists uploading your logo, your banners and your bio picture are important steps to take when managing your store on the IndieMe Marketplace. These small tasks help the buyers get to know you and see the personality of your line. Bringing in your branding helps to set you apart from other artists and let's the buyers get a glimpse of you and your studio. All this helps you sell your line!

To upload your logo, your top banner and your bottom banner navigate to Artist>Manage My Store>Image Upload.

Logo - add your logo sized at a maximum width of 200px and adjust your length appropriately.

Top & Bottom Banner - your top and bottom banner can be the same image or 2 different ones. Banners can vary from 660 pixels WIDE to 1200 pixels, anything larger will not upload. Height may vary from 100 pixels to no more than 300 pixels. Ideal size is 1200 x 275 pixels. Your image must be an uncompressed JPEG or TIFF file.

To delete your current banner(s) select clear header or footer banner option and save the page.

Additional Image Uploads:

Here you can also add your About Us images, pdf's such as your line sheet, color swatches, etc., any high resolution images you would like on your store for your buyers to download along with video's.

Select the type of download:

Our story images - here you can add images of you or your studio. You are permitted to add up to 3 images and the ideal size is 1000 x 1000, our system will auto resize so your image will look great on your store.

Downloads - you are permitted to add up to 6 items to the download area

To edit or delete an item click on the box to the left of the name and select edit or delete.

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