Retailer Spotlight: Malgorzata's

Retailer Spotlight: Malgorzata's

Malgorzata Deyrup, Gainesville, FL

Eclectic gallery and boutique of handmade gifts, accessories, clothing. Finding unique, creative and beautifully crafted objects of art is fun and displaying them in the gallery a real pleasure. We have artwork from over 200 artists and craftstmen in the gallery.

Year Founded:


Square Feet of Retail Space:


Why did you decide to open a gallery?

I was going through a rough patch in my life related to my health. I stopped doing art shows and that was the perfect start of a new life.

How many artists do you represent?

Around 200

How do you promote your artists and your gallery?

Through local media, Facebook, Website, and most importantly word of mouth brings customers to my gallery

What type of merchandise is made in the U.S., Canada, Imported?

Most merchandise is made by US and Canadian artists but I also bring unique items from my trips to Europe Italy, Poland, Spain, Denmark and Great Britain

What trade shows do you attend?

I attended ACRE shows in Orlando, Philadelphia and Las Vegas. I wished that the dates for these last two shows were reversed, winter in Las Vegas and sprin in Philadelphia.

What attracts you to new merchandise?

The uniqueness of artwork. My observation is that in my town (where the buyers are local, not tourists) the change is important , actually crucial. People want to see new artwork all the time. No matter how well artwork sold it hits the flat line so I need to find someone new. I may go back and buy this artists work again after certain time.

Do you consign?


Do you sell online?

No, only sometimes the handwoven clothing that I make myself.

What is your shopping routine on IndieMe?

Just look constantly and finding new work.

Who generates the biggest sales for you? Tourists? Locals? Repeat Customers? Collectors?

Locals and repeated customers.

What retail price point sells best?


How is business? Any thoughts for the future of craft galleries?

I hope there will be more of them, I think customers are looking for unusual artwork that has acceptable price and is made in US and Canada

What advice do you have for new craft galleries?

Try small number of items and see where the interest lies. Try variety. My biggest difficulty is with pottery.

What advice do you have for new craft artists?

I hope there will be more people doing fine crafts, it looks to me that the street shows are less, not too many young artists, and the older ones are doing less work. My advice to all the artists is keep creating new work, it is always worthwhile to expand and grow. We buyers always want to see new work. 

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Liane Fried

Hi Malgorzata, How are you? I would love for you to carry my whimsical gift items in your shop. I am IndieMe/ Artist #22254. If you would like, I would be happy to send you a free sample or two.
Thank you for your consideration,
Liane Fried
Liane Fried Studio

last year
Mersiha Salihbasic

Hi Malgorzata Deyrup,

We would love to seer if you are interested in selling Leaf Lines products at your gallery. We support over 100 galleries in US, let us know if you want to connect :).

Thank you,

last year
Beth Berggren

How fun to see your gallery here Malgorzata. I’m so glad you have done well with my luminaries. Your latest order is enroute. Enjoy your time off! Beth at Starrylights

2 years ago

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