IndieMe Direct Link & Quick Register

IndieMe Direct Link & Quick Register

The IndieMe Direct Link allows the artist to provide a vanity url to clients. This unique link includes the artist company name and links directly to their shop on the IndieMe Marketplace.Your link will look similar to this: or...

To access your unique direct link go to Artist>Manage My Store>Store Settings. Please note that only IndieMe staff can change your company name within the link. You cannot have any spaces, punctuation or special characters in the link, however you are permitted to include dashes. If you wish to change your direct link please contact us at

Provide your unique link to buyers both new and current to place orders directly from you on the marketplace. Please note new buyers following this link will first need to register with IndieMe using our Quick Register Form for buyers. This Quick Register will obtain the buyers contact information including their mailing address. The information gathered on this form will auto populate when the buyer places an order on the marketplace. The form is short and will only take the buyer approximately 30 seconds to fill out, making it super easy for them to register and begin shopping. All buyers must have a valid email address to quickly register as they will receive an email validating their identity for security purposes.

Should the buyer already be a registered member on the IndieMe Marketplace, they will simply need to login at the prompt and will be auto redirected to your shop. 

Please note, this link is different from your Visitor Password - the visitor password DOES NOT permit the buyer to place an order with you. The visitor password only permits the visitor to VIEW your shop. 

If you are a registered member on the IndieMe Marketplace, simply login at the prompt and you will be auto redirected to the artists shop. If you are not a registered member, please select the Register Now button to begin your Quick Registration with IndieMe. After submitting the form you will receive an email, please click on the link to validate your identity and begin shopping!

Keep in mind, once the buyer completes the Quick Register, they are permitted to shop from you and other IndieMe artists on our marketplace. Before providing the buyer with the link, please read our Buyer Registration Requirements here. We take vetting our buyers seriously and we request you follow our requirements. Do not use this area for testing purposes and do not share this unique link with anyone other than the potential buyer. In addition, do not print this link on any retail marketing materials. You ARE permitted to print this vanity url on marketing materials for wholesale purposes provided to your qualified buyers. Please feel free to share this link at your next wholesale trade show with your qualified buyers.  

Failure to follow our guidelines will result in your membership being revoked. When you provide a potential buyer with your Referral ID# you agree that you have read the IndieMe buyer qualifications and validate the buyer meets those requirements.

IndieMe staff reviews all buyer registrations and reserves the right to revoke a buyers membership.

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