Artist Spotlight: Carole's Candles

Artist Spotlight: Carole's Candles

Carole Seitz, Stockton, CA

Carole’s Candles is a family owned and operated business that manufactures unique, one of a kind pillar candles. Carole and Tom, a mother and son duo, have combined their talents that has allowed their business to flourish. While Carole oversees the creative and production aspect, Tom works diligently on the marketing and daily business affairs. Together they have built Carole’s Candles on the basis that creativity ignites passion. They honor honesty, integrity, reliability, creativity, and individual expression.

Describe Your Work
Carole’s Candles are unique scented pillar candles. Our specialty product is the gem top candle. These creative works of art are meticulously handcrafted with striking colors of many hues. Our wax is premium, allowing a burn time of approximately 12 hours per inch. We custom blend all of our fragrances, ensuring a one of a kind candle.

How did you get started in the crafts business?
Our company began in 1996, when our founder Carole was diagnosed with breast cancer. Looking for a way to relax from the treacherous mental and physical effects of chemotherapy, Carole bought a slab of wax, a mold, and a small bottle of fragrance, and created her first candle. The love she had for crafting her own candles soon ignited a passion which would help her along the journey from being a breast cancer patient to becoming a breast cancer survivor. Carole and Tom have continued to melt wax for 23 years!

How long have you been wholesaling?
Since 2011

What are your top 3 marketing methods for reaching new buyers?
Being part of IndieMe has been a very beneficial avenue for new growth and repeat sales. We attend trade shows, work with sales reps, and advertise in hard copy magazines. We continuously maintain in house all of our email campaigns and direct calls.

What percentage of your business is Wholesale? Retail? Commission, etc.?
95% of Carole’s Candles is wholesale. We have a small retail presence in front of our production studio and also a retail website.

How has IndieMe helped your business?
IndieMe has helped grow our business tremendously. They have a wonderful platform that showcases talented artisans and their products. The buyer has access to shop 24/7 at no cost! This allows the buyer to shop at their convenience and the artist to concentrate on their talents. We have gained many accounts through IndieMe and continue to service them on a regular basis.

What advice do you have for new craft artists?
You must have a PASSION for what you create. Whatever it may be, it must be a part of you. This will keep your fire burning as you build your business, which can be an overwhelming process. Stay true to who you are and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t have the answer, know that someone out there does. Persevere, Breathe, and ENJOY the journey.

What advice do you have for new craft galleries?
Buy handcrafted items. Each piece is made with a story behind it, which brings a whole new level of interest for your gallery and guests

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