Medicine Bluff Studio

Medicine Bluff Studio

John started Medicine Bluff Studio in 2000. Prior to that he worked in various art companies utilizing his skills in design and sculpture. John and his wife Debbie started Medicine Bluff Studio in a small town in Oklahoma called Medicine Park, very close to Medicine Bluff. They now reside in Milford Ohio, a move that has allowed them to work from home. A dream come true for them.

Describe Your Work

I love nature and enjoy bringing nature to those who also love it. We actually enjoy the process and each tile is made with care by hand. My goal is to make art that will enhance spaces and create designs that bring back good memories.

How did you get started in the crafts business?

I do not ever remember a day without drawing as a child, painting as a young man, and especially sculpting, which is my favorite. I feel fortunate to have worked for a number of companies that hired me for my art. By the year 2000 most art jobs had gone overseas, mine went in 2002 and so I decided then to open my own studio.

How long have you been wholesaling?

20 years. Originally to boutique tile stores where they sold my designs for installation in kitchens, fireplaces and bath back splashes. I began to work with galleries about 15 years ago.

What percentage of your business is Wholesale? Retail? Commission, etc.?

Wholesale is approximately 30% and 70% is retail. I look forward to increasing the number of galleries I work with. I rarely take commissions.

How has IndieMe helped your business?

My wife used to spend a lot of time contacting galleries individually. That was incredibly time consuming. Having IndieMe allows gallery owners to see our work on their clock. They are busy as well so phone calls could often be inconvenient. IndieMe reaches a much larger gallery audience and we have grown at a very nice pace since coming aboard.

What are your top 3 marketing methods for reaching new buyers?

IndieMe, hands down, is number 1 for galleries. Facebook and Pinterest to show my products and Etsy for the retail end of my business.

What advice do you have for new craft galleries?

I look to galleries as the experts, they know their clientele and what works for them. However, I think having enough of an Artist's product in your gallery to display will allow your customers to see what they appreciate about the product. Get to know your artists if possible. Working with galleries is a partnership, we appreciate your friendship and working with us.

What advice do you have for new craft artists?

Stay with your passion and be open to new areas of growth, it is very fulfilling! Utilize IndieMe!

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