Retailer Spotlight: Supply Justice

Retailer Spotlight: Supply Justice

I am a new e-commerce store that supports criminal justice non-profits through the sale of artisans' high quality products and stories.

Year Founded


Square Feet of Retail Space


Why did you decide to open a gallery?

I want to create a like-minded community that appreciate what each other can do for the benefit of the criminal justice system.

How many artists do you represent?

I just started.

How do you promote your artists and your gallery?

I will use social media platforms. I have started a blog and was selected by a 10 year female attorney organization to do a monthly column.

What type of merchandise is made in the U.S., Canada, Imported?

I expect most merchandise will be made in the US.

What trade shows do you attend?

I have attended National Association of Women Judges and the Innocence Network trade shows. I am a member of 4 trade organizations.

What attracts you to new merchandise?

Quality, unique designs and reasonable prices attract me to merchandise.

Do you consign?

I can.

Do you sell online?


What is your shopping routine on IndieMe?

I am new, so I don't have a routine. I want to get to know others that have been affected by the US criminal justice system.

Who generates the biggest sales for you? Tourists? Locals? Repeat Customers? Collectors?

The biggest sales I have online come from attorneys that buy legal supplies. They are repeat customers.

How is business? Any thoughts for the future of craft galleries?

Business is steady, but marketing has been limited to this point. That will change soon with social media campaigns.

What advice do you have for new craft artists?

New craft artists are unique in their abilities. I would say do what nobody but you can do and do more of it.

What advice do you have for new craft galleries?

I am a new gallery. Relationships are most important. I will educate my current and potential customers on why and how we have a long term vision for collaborating to fund and create awareness for a better justice system.

What retail price point sells best?

$80-100 for the legal supplies I have sold but I expect artisan merchandise to have a higher price point, such as $150.

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