In the News: IndieMe Under New Ownership

In the News: IndieMe Under New Ownership

Dear IndieMe Clients,
For over 22 years, IndieMe has been connecting wholesale artists with wholesale buyers and it has been a very important part of my life. I have enjoyed every single year, day and moment working for and supporting the wholesale trade industry. Every dream of a business owner is to see its business continue and thrive even after the founder’s exit. I have for the last few years, relied very heavily on Jackie Adamany to run IndieMe as the General Manager and Vice President, and she has certainly risen to the occasion.

With that, I am excited to announce with great pleasure that I have sold IndieMe. Today Jackie and I signed contracts making Jackie Adamany the President and Owner of IndieMe! If you know Jackie, and her many years of serving you through IndieMe, you know IndieMe is in great hands!

How will this affect you? Everything is solidly running at IndieMe, and Jackie knows our software, services, clients, and business better than anyone (including me). So, I suspect Jackie is the most motivated in her entire life, to push this business to the next amazing level. She also has a VERY good team! I think all of us can expect GREAT things from her leading IndieMe!

My best to each of you! And my thanks to every buyer, artist and vendor that has helped make the first 22 years of IndieMe a success.

Cheers to many more great years!
Nancy LeVan (formerly Vince)


Many of you know me which means you know how dedicated and passionate I am about this company and this industry. As a wholesale artist for over 10 years I have experienced both the joy and fear of being an artist, the good times and the not so good times and everything in between. I know what it’s like to setup at a trade show and worry that I won’t sell enough to cover my expenses. I was an artist on our prior platform and I know how much work goes into managing an online store and a full time business.

Purchasing IndieMe was an easy decision. I feel I have worked my entire life to get to this point, from my days as an auditor with the Sheraton Hotels to my time as a paralegal. I have a degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis on website development all providing me the tools to continue to build and grow the IndieMe platform.

It is my goal to take IndieMe into the future with a vision and a determination for success for every single member. As I stand by the IndieMe Mission Statement, I promise you that I will work hard every single day to ensure your prosperity.

I would like to ask of your support for my staff and myself as we continue growing and building the marketplace, continuing to be the #1 platform for handcrafted art. You tell me what you want to see in the platform and what you don’t. As we build the platform TOGETHER, it should be easy to utilize as it is invaluable to each of your businesses. Call me, email me or write me! Your voice will be heard and will be valued. I treasure each of you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an IndieMe member.


To download the press release click here.

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Terrie & Richard Floyd

As a long time user since 2001 of the IndieMe ( website I know how instrumental for us it was in continuing to build our long established business and to actually teach us how to use and see the benefits of using the internet. Because of IndieMe we were able to connect and make relationships with buyers all over the United states. It also helped us to cut back on the expenses and ramifications of leaving the studio 8 to 10 times a year for trade shows. We realized that on IndieMe we have a 75 % client retention verses a much lower rate for most of our trade shows. And the goal of keeping clients as well as adding new ones has more than been met by our long association with IndieMe. Another plus for us is that it has such a easy way to view and review customers and orders and also its become much easier to be able to utilize the great marketing tools and features the site offers.

3 months ago
Jackie Adamany

Thank you for the kind words Linda! How true - art does lift the soul!

4 months ago
Linda Wolbert very exciting for you. A brave woman in these uncertain times, but we need artists and their spirit more now than ever.

4 months ago
Linda Wolbert have been such a delight to know! I hope you are still in Florida and that our paths might cross again. My very best wishes to you.

4 months ago

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